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Preserving and enhancing stone beauty. Expert stone repointing, cleaning, and sealing services for timeless restoration and lasting elegance.

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active locally.

restoration and Conservation in action

With Point Away, your stone structures are in the hands of dedicated craftsmen who are passionate about preserving Guernsey's architectural heritage. Our meticulous restoration and conservation techniques honour the unique history and craftsmanship of your property, ensuring its longevity and beauty for generations to come.

unveiling our specialised roof cleaning solutions

Elevate your property's allure with Point Away's latest offering – Specialised Roof Cleaning Solutions. Our expertise extends beyond stone structures to the very top, ensuring your roof receives the care it deserves. Our advanced techniques and environmentally conscious approach guarantee a thorough cleansing, unveiling the true beauty of your roof.

Point Aways Roof Cleaning
Point Aways Roof Cleaning
Point Aways Roof Cleaning
Point Aways Roof Cleaning
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A Word From Luke

I absolutely relish those early morning hours, eagerly anticipating my next project, even if I've practically designed it in my sleep. My fondness for all things vintage aligns perfectly with my passion for ensuring their enduring character.

Eco-friendliness isn't just a box to check – it's a way of life that seamlessly integrates into both my work and personal ethos, forming the very heart of Point Away. Honesty and openness are my guiding stars, shaping every project and interaction, and leading us to the best possible outcomes every time.

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environmentally conscious and economically resilient

At Point Away, we prioritise sustainability. Our restoration philosophy renews your property's beauty while aligning with an eco-conscious ethos. Our commitment to craftsmanship and the economy underscores our dedication to a greener future and a more valuable property.

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sustainable renewal

We prioritize sustainability. Our restoration approach renews property beauty and aligns with an eco-friendly ethos.

cost-conscious elegance

Restoration enhances charm while being budget-friendly. Elevate your property’s resalable value and compete confidently with neighbours.

green & competitive

Embrace restoration for an environmentally conscious choice that boosts property value, offering a competitive edge in your neighborhood.

no disturbance no disruption

We understand the importance of maintaining the visual continuity of your property. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that our repointing, cleaning, and sealing services seamlessly integrate with the existing stonework, preserving the overall aesthetic appeal and character of your property.

maintain continuity

You can enjoy our expert services without any inconvenience. Our professionals work diligently, ensuring that there are no disruptive elements like noisy machinery or damaged lawns. Experience a hassle-free process while we enhance the beauty of your stone structures.

revitalise Your property with our Expert Services

patio repointing

lime pointing

brick pointing

sand & cement pointing

specialist cleaning products

stone cleaning

“highly recommend Point Away for anyone that needs some TLC for their patio”

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James Dalton

He turned up when he said he would, gave us a quote within 5 minutes, and had the job finished within a week from giving us the quote.

Profile Image of Reviewer

Jacky fry

Point Away 😍 excellent. We have just had our patio refurbished by Point Away. Polite men turned up on time and tidy workers. Good price.

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Danielle Rowe

They’ve done an awesome job in bringing my patio back to life which needed a lot of scraping, scrubbing and fire power!

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Sue Radford

Another great job done by Luke Warr of Point Away. Outside paving all cleaned and repointed where necessary, excellent job, highly recommend.

bespoke, illuminated featured walls

custom designs on request


Internal External Feature Walls by Point Away
Internal External Feature Walls by Point Away
Internal External Feature Walls by Point Away

Luke's Show-Stopping Creations for guernseys Agricultural show

Luke's Impromptu Creations. Using a 6 x 9 patio slab and granite base, Luke crafts a charming tractor scene on a cobbled path, showcasing our attention to detail. These boards, against a lime-rendered background, highlight our services at local events, illustrating Point Aways transformative impact.

Image of Luke at Agriculatural Show in Guernsey Image of Luke at Agriculatural Show in Guernsey

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